AWS — Launch an Instance

aws EC2

1. Login in AWS account and go to the AWS Management Console > select the EC2 service.

2. Launch a instance, click on button Launch instance

3. Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

In this case i’ am choose the one available under the free-tier option. Amazon Linux 2 AMI

4. Choose an instance type

In this case iam choose instance type is t2.micro and then click Next: Configure Instance Detail

5. Configure Instance Detail

6. Add Storage

7. Add Tags

Tags can as a label, tagging helps in easy search and grouping resources for various purposes.

8. Configure Security Group

Attach a set of firewall rules to your instance, then click Review and Launch

9. Review Instance

Review the instance and if ok, Launch the instance

10. Download Key Pair

Download a key pair to connect your instance, choose create a new key pair, put key pair name then click Download Key Pair button > Launch Instance

11. Launch Status

12. View Instance

View instance detail such public IPv4 address, Public IPv4 DNS, security, networking and etc.



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