Deploy Openstack All-in-one with Kolla-ansible

What is openstack ?

“OpenStack is an open source cloud computing infrastructure software project and is one of the three most active open source projects in the world”.

Requirements for this tutorial:

1. Update, upgrade server and install dependency

$ sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade
$ sudo apt-get install python3-dev libffi-dev gcc libssl-dev
$ sudo apt-get install python3-pip

2. create a new user

$ sudo useradd kolla -m -s /bin/bash
$ sudo vim /etc/sudoers.d/kolla
$ su - kolla

3. Install kolla-ansible

$ sudo pip3 install -U pip
$ sudo pip3 install ansible
$ pip3 install kolla-ansible==10.0
$ sudo mkdir -p /etc/kolla
$ sudo chown $USER:$USER /etc/kolla
$ cp -r /usr/local/share/kolla-ansible/etc_examples/kolla/* /etc/kolla
$ cp /usr/local/share/kolla-ansible/ansible/inventory/* .

4. create a partition for cinder volume

$ sudo fdisk /dev/vdb+--------+------+----------------+
| Device | Size | Type |
| vdb1 | 100G | 8e (Linux LVM) |

5. Create LVM disk for cinder service

sudo pvcreate -f /dev/vdb1
sudo pvs
sudo vgcreate -f cinder-volumes /dev/vdb1
sudo vgs

6. Edit ansible config

$ sudo vim /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg

7. Generate kolla password

$ kolla-genpwd

8. Edit kolla configuration

$ vi /etc/kolla/globals.yml
kolla_base_distro: "ubuntu"
kolla_install_type: "source"
openstack_release: "ussuri"
kolla_internal_vip_address: ""
network_interface: "ens3"
neutron_external_interface: "ens9"
neutron_plugin_agent: "openvswitch"
enable_heat: "yes"
enable_neutron_provider_networks: "yes"
nova_compute_virt_type: "kvm"
enable_cinder: "yes"
enable_cinder_backend_lvm: "yes"
cinder_volume_group: "cinder-volumes"
enable_neutron_qos: "yes"
enable_openstack_core: "yes"
enable_haproxy: "no"

9. Deployment kolla

kolla-ansible -i all-in-one bootstrap-servers
kolla-ansible -i all-in-one prechecks
kolla-ansible -i all-in-one deploy
kolla-ansible -i all-in-one post-deploy
kolla-ansible -i all-in-one check

10. install openstack CLI client

pip install python3-openstackclient

11. Testing installation

$ cd /usr/local/share/kolla-ansible/
$ ./init-runonce

12. Check openstack services

$ source /etc/kolla/$ openstack service list
| ID | Name | Type |
| 211967ceae3b4cf1bc04ca1587c73073 | nova | compute |
| 4b0a44c2ae654e45a22ec6539d8c5634 | glance | image |
| 53b944270b7f489ea37f00027e5999a3 | neutron | network |
| 6dc350336f8c4a14831dda920545f64a | keystone | identity |
| 83bafae712084e76b09d6da590152bd0 | cinderv2 | volumev2 |
| 988dab40890d452a8f55eef7f85bfd46 | placement | placement |
| ab8d636872db481ea04b6c6075d63f8e | heat | orchestration |
| ae288e6298ea42af8cabb9d8865d0fac | cinderv3 | volumev3 |
| ba92ae6b96a04d2d9671a92802c90e61 | nova_legacy | compute_legacy |
| ea54bc5ca34846c894d12a054c1969a9 | heat-cfn | cloudformation |




This is my little notes based my experiment and my learning. Keep learning and keep calm.

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This is my little notes based my experiment and my learning. Keep learning and keep calm.

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