English Grammar & Pronunciation : Talking About The Past

Part 1 : Present Perfect ( for experiences)

I have been travelled to Africa

Menjadi :

I’ve been travelled to Africa.

I have not been travelled to Africa.


I haven’t travelled to Africa.


I have = a past event, which is now your experience.

I have not = something you didn’t experience before now.


Subject + have (not) + past participle + …

Pronunciation / Pengucapan:

I have = i’ve

I have not = i haven’t

Example :

  1. Talking about tacos

Have you eaten tacos before ?

No, I haven’t eaten tacos before. But i want to try!

2. Talking about footbal

Have you played footbal before ?

Yes, I’ve played many times. I love it!

3. Talking about London

Have you travelled to London ?

No, I haven’t been to London. But i might go next summer.

4. Talking about famous people

Have you ever met a famous person ?

No, i haven’t met a famous person.

5. Talking about acting

Have you ever acted on stage ?

Yes, I’ve acted on stage a few times. It was very fun.

This is my little notes based my experiment and my learning. Keep learning and keep calm.